Unisense Sdn Bhd


Deep Vein Anti-Stress MassageUnisense Deep Vein Anti - Stress Massage increase energy levels and improve blood circulations. Starting with body scrub, it remove dead skin leaving it radiant& silky soft . Follow by, thermal blanket treatment to induce perspiration for detoxification.

Lastly, hand massage focusing on acupressure point combine with Lymphatic Drainage treatment . An ideal treatment for water retention and increase body immune defence system. At the end of the session, you will feel revitalised and fully energised . An enjoyable massage procedure that will eliminate all signs of fatigue.

Tummy Firming TreatmentExfoliation-a wonderful sensory stimulating treatment to prepare your tummy for an intense massage. A special massage technique used to firm, shape and contour the waist line which is an important part of the body to reflect feminity. A final session with mask and wrapping to reduce retention & at the same time to contour the waist line .


Buttock Firming TreatmentStart with exfoliation to improve the skin tone & texture, leaving you with a smoother and softer skin. Followed by Baltic Vaccupresso machine to firm up the buttock area , while breaking cellulite at the surrounding area of the thighs. Lastly , apply mask and wrap to maintain the lifting effect. An ideal treatment for buttock lifting and firming.