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Deep Vein Massage TreatmentUsing the principles of manual lymphatic drainage which moves the skin in specific directions, this massage combines the therapeutic effects of manual massage and a medical device “Data Vein” for lymphatic drainage and double detoxification.Highly recommended as a lymphatic drainage treatment to eliminate fatty acids and toxins after Ultrasonolipolysis® slimming treatment.Ideal for treating water retention while increasing the body’s immune defense system.Excellent for stress management and detox treatment. Recommended for frequent travelers to prevent deep vein thrombosis, as treatment for venous and lymphatic conditions, sports injuries and cardiovascular and immune system malfunction due to poor lymphatic drainage. Also highly effective in treating bruising.


Thermal Active Slim TreatmentA slimming treatment combining skin retexturing and wrapping for fluid reduction and detoxification. Produces a hot effect to rapidly burn away fats and increase blood circulation. Stimulates fat catabolism by softening fats in localised areas and increasing the body’s ability to break down sugar, and decreasing the chance of carbohydrates turning into fats. Best targeted areas are thighs, waist, tummy, arms and buttocks.