Unisense Sdn Bhd


Lymphatic Drainage & Detox TreatmentA medical device using electrostimulation. Uses low frequency current to work on each lymphatic system by stimulating and regulating it with electrical pulses. Eliminates free fatty acids and toxins via lymphatic channels after Ultrasonolipolysis® treatment. Can also be used as a preventative treatment for deep vein thrombosis, for treatment of venous and lymphatic conditions, and cardiovascular and immune system malfunction due to poor lymphatic drainage. Aids in sports rehabilitation for the treatment of muscle fatigue.




Sonolift Anti-Cellulite TreatmentUses low frequency ultrasound to treat cellulite. Improves skin appearance, dramatically reducing the wavy and orange peel look on the skin. Restores skin’s elasticity and firmness. Reshapes the body with significant reduction of cellulite, usually by the third or fourth session.