Unisense Sdn Bhd

alt Skin Revitalizing TreatmentDurations: 60mins  
RM104.50 (1st trial)

Benefit of Treatment
Reduces fine dry lines
Smoother complexion
Reduces facial tension

Recommended for
Dehydrated skin
Tired skin
Rehydrate and reduce facial stress



alt Rehydrate Dull Skin TreatmentDurations: 90mins  
RM143 (1st trial)

Benefit of Treatment
Hydrate skin tissue
Smoother complexion

Recommended for
Dehydrate skin
Tired skin
Rehydrate and reduces facial stress through very relaxing Swedish massage with the combination of calming essential oil




alt Deep Acne Cleansing TreatmentDurations: 90mins  
RM203.50 (1st trial)

Benefit of Treatment
Detoxifying for acne prone skin
Clear blemishes skin
Scarred skin

Recommended for
Oily prone skin
Open-closed commedone
An acne-controlled treatment that helps corrects overactive sebum that causes acned scarring. Suitable for congested skin condition. Extraction is performed to unclog breakout and speed up healing




alt Whitening Firming TreatmentDurations: 90mins
RM242 (1st Trial)

Benefits of treatment
Fairer skin
Lighten pigmentation
Smoother and softer skin
An excellent treatment for stressed, dehydrated skin. Swedish massage relax the facial
nerves while assist in oxygenating skin tissues. Skin appears firmer and lifted with visible
healthy glow after each treatment

Recommended for
Whitening Skin Completion
Lightening Skin Tone
Uneven Skin Tone




alt Special Eye Care TreatmentDurations: 30mins

Benefits of treatment
Softening fine dry line
Reduce tired eyes and dark circle

Recommended for
Stressful dull eye bag
Begining sluggish eye muscle
Eye care treatment designed to soften and moisturises free dry lines




alt Decollete Massages TreatmentDurations: 30mins

Benefits of treatment
De Stress
Smoother skin
Sooth dry line

Recommended for
Shoulder stress
Enhance skin nourishment and sooths tense muscles.